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* Some pieces are available for purchase at https://www.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/58500_jean_ahn/

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Orchestral Works:

  • The Woven Silk (2017) for haeguem and orchestra  

  • Salt (2007) for orchestra and electronics   score
  • Ongheya (2011) for orchestra
    Commissioned by KAMSA Youth Orchestra  play
  • Youth-Full (2011) for string orchestra (Reflection of Mendelssohn’s 2nd String Sinfonia)
    Commissioned by Beautiful Mind Ensemble
  • Lulu-Lulu (2010) for orchestra
    Written for Berkeley Symphony 

  • The Very Thought (2009) for string orchestra
    Commissioned by Beautiful Mind Ensemble
  • Berkeley Fanfare (2008) for orchestra
    Written for Berkeley Symphony
  • Practice (2005) for orchestra
  • Intro (2004) for orchestra



Choral Works

  • Roasted Chestnuts (2019) for choir -work in progress

Commissioned by San Francisco Bach Choir

  • Vocal Emotions (2019) for choir

Commissioned by San Francisco Choral Artists

Commissioned by San Francisco Choral Artists


  • The Word Became Flesh (2018) for choir

Commissioned by San Francisco Choral Artists

  • Song of Mongeumpo (2017) for choir

  • Zeteo (2009) for chamber choir
    Commissioned by Volti
  • Froggy, Froggy (2002) for choir
    Written for Sungnam Civic Choir

Solo Works and Duets

  • Blush for solo woodwind (2008/2019)

versions for flute, oboe, saxophone and clarinet available

  • Blush II for flute and alto flute (2019)
  • TOYS for flute and piano (2016/2017)
    Commissioned by Duo Cameraderie score

  • Lasso, Lassus for viola and cello (2013) *two cello version and two violin versions are also available
    Commissioned by Locrian Chamber Players
  • Lasso, Lassus for violin and cello (2017)
  •  The Archimedes Principle for gayaguem and marimba (2012-13)*other instrumenation available
    Commissioned by Hyojin Kang
  • Fingerdance for piano four hands (2012)
    Commissioned by Pianissimo
     score   purchase
  • Fingerdance for solo piano (2018)


  • Saltdoll for piano four hands and dance (2010)
    Commissioned by Ong Dance Company
    Funded by Zellerbach Family Foundation
  • ADGC for viola and cello (2010/2013)
    Written for East Coast Contemporary Ensemble
    Etchings Festival
  • Folksong Revisit (2005-2008) for solo piano
    Collection of Korean folksong arrangements
    1.  Nil-lili
    Written for Sejong Cultural Society
    2.  Mongeumpo
    3.  Ongheya
    Commissioned by Renee Fischer Award and Competition
  • Froggy, Froggy for violin and piano * unaccompanied violin solo version, cello and piano version, viola and piano version available


  • Ornament (2006) for piano duo *piano four hands version available
  • Open (2005) for voice and piano
  • Ji (2003) for solo koto
  • Folksong (2006) for guitar and violin
    Written for Duo 46
  • Working (2001) for solo piano

Chamber Music

  • Stereograph (2003/2018) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (quintet version with flute available)

  • Archimedes Principle (2019) for saxophone, cello and piano

Commissioned by Asmodeus Trio

  • Archimedes Principle (2016) for haeguem and piano quartet *different instrumenation available

Commissioned by Sooyeon Lyuh and Ensemble Ari video

  • Lapis Reprobatus (2015) for flute, clarinet and cello

Commissioned by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

Lapis Reprobatus

  • Remembrance (2014) for baritone and piano quartet * choir version available
    Commissioned by Ensemble Ari
  • A Flash of Ravel (2011) for piano trio *piano quartet version available
    Commissioned by Pianist Jaejin Lee
  • Pesante (2008) for chamber orchestra
  • Froggy Froggy (2008) for piano quartet
    Commissioned by Veritas Ensemble
  • Five Pieces (2004) for bass clarinet, viola and marimba
    Commissioned by Aspen Contemporary Music Players
  • Sextet (2003) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion
  • Open (2001/2005) for saxophone trio and percussion

Asian Traditional Music

  • Gayaguem Etude Plus (2018) for solo gayaguem 

Commissioned by Soloist JUL

  • Chroma(2014) for gayaguem duo
    Commissioned by Gayaguem Soloists JUL
  • Archimedes’ Principle (2012) for three gayaguems
    Rearranged for Gayaguem Soloists JUL
  • Gayageum Etude (2006) for solo gayageum
    Written for Yu Sun Kim, Korean Music Festival, Seoul, Korea
  • Ji (2003) for solo koto
    Written for Brian Wong
  • Choral (2001) for gayageum quartet
    Written for Korean National Music Festival, Seoul, Korea (2001)
  • Miracle (2000) for narrator, voice, kayagum and percussion
    Written for Korean National Music Festival, Seoul, Korea (2000)

Electro-acoustic Music

  • Salt for solo electronics
    Commissioned by Ongdance Company
  • Berkeley Arirang for piano and electronics
    Commissioned by Mei-Fang Lin
  • KOTO Etude (2005) for solo electronics
    Mov.1 Pluck, hit and scratch
    Mov.2 Bend
  • Another Koto (2005) for koto (gayaguem) and electronics

Church Music

  • The Greatest Faithfulness (2011) for string orchestra
    Commissioned by Beautiful Mind Ensemble
  • The Very Thought (2009) for string orchestra
    Commissioned by Beautiful Mind Ensemble

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